Baboon’s Top Ten Golden Rules for Making the Most of Thanksgiving Gatherings

Baboon's Top Ten Golden Rules for Making the Most of Thanksgiving Gatherings #pets #dogs #topten #Thanksgiving #goldenretriever #golden #accesoriize #foodholiday

Our Creative Director, Baboon, has been diligently working on a list of her most helpful tips to really enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. Here, she shares her wisdom with all of us:

  1. Early in the week, find a cozy hiding place to avoid your Thanksgiving bath.

  2. That evil sweeping machine surely will be in use before guests arrive, so be on your paws. Ask to go outside for some fresh air during that time and SQUIRREL!

  3. Accesoize for the event in your most fashionable scarf.

  4. Greet humans with your cutest plush toys early to soften the “food ask” later.

  5. Pace yourself. Often humans enjoy midnight snacks, you need to be on your game late into the night.

  6. Be sure to visit every guest at least once, but especially locate and butter up older man guests. They’re easy marks and find it humorous to over-feed you. (It’s a win-win.) Also - follow the little humans. Their tiny paws seem to drop food more often. (The kids table is a goldmine - mine it like a “furry 49er”!)

  7. Position yourself strategically in the kitchen during clean-up. This is the time when scraps are most likely to fall.

  8. Circle back under the table after the humans have left. Scraps have surely fallen from dishes, uncle’s shirts or the high chairs.

  9. If anyone lays on the carpet after the meal, that is an open invitation to play or snuggle with you. In exchange, provide them with your favorite smelly toy.

  10. Relax, stretch out and be thankful for your humans, tummy rubs and food scraps.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone from all of us at Orange Collar Pet Portraits!