A little about Brent Naughton...

I do not claim to be the “world’s most renowned sports artist,” but I do understand what it feels like to have sports heroes and to live and die with my favorite teams. The goal of my artwork is to evoke memories of seasons past and celebrate the greatness of sports legends of every era. While I do, on occasion, create artwork for the athletes themselves, my main mission is to capture the spirit of a specific athlete for fans. Whether your favorite player is Mickey Mantle, Jim Brown or Roberto Clemente, my goal is to provide a piece of artwork that celebrates the greatness of the athlete that you hold close to your “tattered jersey-covered” heart.
- Brent Naughton

All artwork is created using acrylic paint and color pencil.

Pricing is as follows:

5"x7" $100

8"x10" $200

11"x14" $300

16"x20" $500

18"x24" $800

Additional humans or beasts in one composition: $100 each


Sports Art Gallery

As a sports artist, Brent Naughton creates sports artwork that includes both national and local heroes in baseball, football, basketball and other sports. In addition to his original sports paintings, he offers sports art prints as well.