Incredible custom pet portraiture celebrating the companionship and steadfast loyalty of our furry, scaly or feathered family members.

All custom pet artwork is created using acrylic paint and color pencil.

Pricing is as follows:

5"x7" $100

8"x10" $200

11"x14" $300

16"x20" $500

18"x24" $800

Additional pet beasts in one composition: $100 each

Willis's Pet Portrait hangs next to his human's bed where he used to sleep. Goodnight, sweet prince.

Willis's Pet Portrait hangs next to his human's bed where he used to sleep. Goodnight, sweet prince.

How to get a Custom Pet Portrait Made

It's simple! Send us a quality, high resolution photo of your pet, and we'll create your custom pet portrait from that. Our pricing guide includes all of the standard sizes you can choose from.

Not sure what a 'quality photo' is? Just contact us at, and we'll help you choose the best reference to create your one of a kind pet portrait!

Having Maggie’s picture brings me so much peace. ❤️BEST GIFT EVER❤️
— Darlene

Orange Collar Pet Portraits

Orange Collar Pet Portraits was born as a side project for Brent Naughton. As a long-time artist and illustrator of sports and celebrity art, he’s received several requests over the years to paint clientele’s beloved family members, including the furry, four-legged ones.

Pet ownership is one of life’s greatest treasures and Brent has known that joy for his whole life. He’s befriended and loved several puppers and even a few cats during his lifetime. Most recently, his own pets have included a chocolate lab named Chimpanzee and a golden retriever named Baboon (Brent also shares a great fondness for primates, if that was not already apparent).

We all know that with the incredible love and friendship that pets bring, their inevitable departure from our lives leaves a perpetual void. But we also know it’s a worthwhile price to pay to know, love and learn from these honest souls who want nothing more than to show us our own worth. If you’ve read this far, you don’t need to be convinced. You know the gift these beautiful beasts give without hesitation.

Sadly, we lost our beloved Chimpy early in 2017. Her life was as comfy as we could make it. She was sweet, helpful and stubborn. She kept a watchful eye out for all of us, oftentimes keeping late hours with Brent in the studio while the rest of the family slept soundly. (Our golden is not known for her guard dog abilities… but if you’re looking for the cuddliest snugs, look no further.) She structured her days around eating. She had her spot on the couch. Squirrels were her lifelong nemesis. And her collar was, you guessed it, orange.

This side project is a tribute to her memory along with the many other pups and cats we’ve known and loved. We are forever changed for having known Chimpy and wish to honor her life by celebrating the lives of other cherished pets, too.

We hope you enjoy what you see here. And, please, give your favorite furry friend a hug from us!

Baby Chimpanzee

Baby Chimpanzee